10 DIY Ideas For Decorating Your Home For The Holiday Season-Mineral Tiles

Decorating your home for the holidays using the commercial route can become expensive and even a little frustrating fast, as local retail selections tend to lack originality. Luckily, with a little creativity and a modest budget, you can get your home looking perfectly in season with some easy do-it-yourself decoration ideas.

1) Photo Frame Wall Decor

Use those empty photo frames you've got lying around, or pick up some cheap ones at a local dollar store to create wall decorations. You can wrap the frames with festive paper or even hang favorite ornaments or small seasonal figurines in the center of each frame by attaching some colorful string at the top.

Hang the decorated frames around the house or clustered together in sequence over a key spot in your living or sitting room, such as above the fireplace. Since you`re not altering the frames permanently, you can reuse them for something else after the season is over.

2) Yard Wreaths

Collect branches, acorns, pine cones and other rustic bits of nature to make your own wreaths or plant arrangements. Use string and glue to assemble the arrangement or wreath and add some ribbon to finish it off. Local craft stores often sell inexpensive Styrofoam circles that you can use for wreath backing to make the project even simpler.


3) Recycled Lights

If you`ve got old lights with the odd colored bulb here and there or just strands you`re not using outside anymore, hang them in specific spots around your home. For example, you can line a wall mirror to get a wonderful effect.

4) Fun Fabrics

Fabric is inexpensive and an easy way to work your preferred holiday colors into your home. Get a bolt to run down the center of your current tablecloth and to wrap around the base of objects, such as vases.


5) Backsplash Lift

You can change your kitchen backsplash easily to fit into your holiday or overall decorating scheme using stick-on glass mosaic tiles. Peel and stick tiles come in a variety of colors and textures, with smooth and patterned styles available. All-in-one backsplash kits, which include the tools you need for installation, are another cost-effective option.


6) Window Art

You can make your own window decorations using some simple patterns and construction paper. Cut out the objects you want for each decoration by following the pattern on the paper as a guide. Arrange the objects together on poster-board and attach string for hanging.


7) Card Display

You can turn your holiday cards into a festive display by painting the frame of a basic corkboard and gluing some burlap over the cork. Attach hooks on the top of the corkboard for hanging and simply use colored pushpins to add cards as you receive them.


8) Candle Centerpieces

Simple candles with a few additions can create a holiday centerpiece. Get inexpensive votives or pillars and basic glass holders. Decorate the holders with seasonal objects, such as ribbon, bows, pine cones or pine sprigs and even chestnuts. Arrange the candles in clusters of three or more for an elegant centerpiece.


9) Snowball Garland

All you need to make snowball garland for a tree or as a winter decorative addition to your home is clear string and small Styrofoam balls. Simply thread the string through the center of the balls, knotting at both ends. Add some glitter to the balls if you want a hint of shine from reflecting lights.


10) The Bowl Trick

Clear glass bowls offer a wealth of do-it-yourself holiday decorating opportunities. You can fill the bowls with objects that reflect your holiday theme for a simple but classic effect. For example, small or large ornaments, pine cones, cranberries or even colored candies can be placed into a bowl for an instant decoration.

Arrange bowls of different sizes with complementing objects, such as blue and green bulbs, to create a display centerpiece. If you`ve got holiday objects lying around that you won't be using this year, such as extra ornaments, include those as well.

Proper lighting overall is an essential part of any decoration scheme, as your family and guests need to see clearly to get the full effect. If you don't have enough light, review the selection at http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/lights/table-lamps/ to get an idea of what`s available for your home and budget.

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