The traditional and so loved beveled ceramic subway tiles are easily found in many homes across United States. From the classic white, grey, and black colors, these tiles are among the favorites within the American people.

Although an old style, beveled subway tiles have emerged again and gained traction in the home improvement and interior design communities, becoming one of the most popular tile formats nowadays. Reason? Well, many, as we summarize below. However, what before was available only in ceramic, today we can find beveled subway tiles in glass, wood, metal, and porcelain, making them even more versatile. Also, the bevel itself has become more audacious! That is right. It is common to see tiles with inverted bevels, also known as reverse-beveled.

Why is beveled subway tiles are so popular?

  • Easy to decorate around it
  • It is a classic yet broadly used on contemporary environments
  • Available in ceramic, porcelain, glass, and metal.
  • It is affordable.