Bathroom is one of the most used rooms by an individual or a family in the house. It is on the top list of rooms to be remodeled by a homeowner. 

Bathroom's design became very predictive and kind of boring in United States during the last fifteen years due to the high construction rate before the real estate market crashed in 2008. However after people realize that they probably would live in their house for while since most homes lost their value, they start to remodel their bathroom and not surprisingly, put more value in it, by adding nice features such as shower glass doors, shower head, higher end tiles, including glass and stone mosaics.

The good news is that since this trend picked up, price for those "nice features" came down, and now more people are able to remodel their bathroom without break the bank. Glass mosaic tiles are a classic example. They start at U$5.00 per square foot and are available in so many colors and textures that it is hard to do not find what you want. Even if you can't afford a whole wall or bathroom backsplash made of glass tiles, you can cut the sheet into multiple strips and make a border around the shower and give a nice touch to it.

From iridescent to clear, we hope you find a glass tile that will make your bathroom more enjoyable.